Monday, June 10, 2019 at 6:04 PM
"We Stand with Christ" campaign continues. If you have not received your packet in the mail, please stop in the Parish Office and pick up. In-Pew Commitment weekend-June 22 & 23.


What to do?

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I pray that you are well. I have been approached by many asking what to do with this upcoming election. I have also been greeted by many who are telling me what I need to do and what I need to preach to our parish.  I have heard the rhetoric, the scare tactics, the videos and have done much reading.  As your pastor, I cannot and will not take away your free will and "tell" you what to do but instead will ask you to pray and discern what the Lord is calling you to do. We cannot sit by and do nothing but the decision is tough. Both candidates have presented characteristics that contradict our church teaching and moral compass.  I have been told that one is more evil than the other but are we really at the point where we are grading on scales of evil?   We must recognize a few things:

1. There is no perfect candidate and there never has been. There have been candidates who are closer to our Catholic teaching and position. 

2. The executive branch is 1/3 of our government. We must hold our other legislatures accountable and demand that they properly represent us. 

3. We must hold onto our faith and protect it at all costs. 

4. Please pray the Rosary. 

5. Please be civil to each other in your conversations. We must not let evil actions diminish who we are and what we stand for. 

Will I tell you what to do? No but I would encourage you to pray hard, vote and choose the candidate that best represents your value. I find myself having to face the fact that I trust you to do the right thing, incorporate our church teaching and make the right choice. Know that I and the church will always love you and welcome you just as Christ would. We must not let this election turn us on each other. 

Remember, we know how the story ends and GOD will always be victorious. I pray that your faith is strong and you weather the storm. 

In service and gratitude,

Fr. Reggie


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