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September 2013

Sep 24

Divorced Catholics barred from receiving the sacrament?

A question came in asking if divorced Catholics are barred from receiving the sacrments? Let's start at the beginning: A Catholic is not excommunicated when he or she is divorced. A divorced person is fully and completely a member of the church. As a member of the church there should be nothing that prevents a divorced Catholic from reciving...
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Sep 9

What to do with our hands during the Our Father and the sign of peace

We received a question about what to do with our hands during the Our Father and there is no conclusive answer. Many sources say it is up to the Local Bishop and others give no clear answer. From all that I have read, the best answer is to do whatever feels comfortable to you while still maintaining reverence.  Please do not be...
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Sep 7

The Proper way to receive Holy Eucharist - Answer

There is no short answer to this question, so bear with me.  According to the Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite (Peter J. Elliott) "The faithful may receive the eucharist kneeling or standing. They  may approach in a  "communion procession" and go to the celebrant and other minister of the Eucharist to receive...
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