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01/03/16 - Epiphany - Fr. James

This feast is called “epiphany” because Jesus revealed Himself not only to the Jews, the chosen people, but also to pagan visitors.  Epiphany is the Feast of God’s revelation of Jesus Christ  to the world. 


The story of the Magi focuses on their long journey, seeking the new king. They placed their time, talent, and treasure at the service of their mission. Their journey is a symbol of the inward journey they made in their hearts, a journey from paganism to belief in Jesus as the Savior of the world.


Christian life is considered as a journey – a journey that begins with our confession of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and ends when we at last meet him, face to face, in heaven. We have a journey to make to Jesus because none of us is yet fully converted.  When we seek God with sincere determination like the wise men, we too will find him.


The gospel says the three wise men were following the star which had drawn them to the new King. No one can come to Jesus unless drawn by the Father. God uses many means to draw people to Him. All of us have stars to follow. Sometimes people are our stars; family members, friends, teachers, leaders, saints. They are our stars that guide us to Jesus and God. Sometimes a good example or a good idea can be a star. It pulls us and draws us. Sometimes sickness and pain can be a star: it gives us time to think. You are the light of the world, and thus you are a star which draws people to Jesus. God has planned to draw some people to Jesus by your light.


The wise men offered their gifts of 'gold, frankincense and myrrh.' to Jesus. For Matthew, the gifts of the Magi point to who Christ is. The gift of gold symbolizes 'the kingship of Christ.' And frankincense points to 'Christ as our priest,' the one who intercedes for us. And myrrh symbolizes that 'Christ is our Savior.'  What are the gifts that we are prepared to bring to the Christ on this Epiphany Sunday and in the New Year ahead.


Magi returned home by a different way. Matthew explains that this was to keep Herod from discovering the child, but it also indicates that things had changed for the Magi. Finding Jesus was a moment of change in their lives. When we get to know Jesus Christ, we are changed forever and cannot go back to our old ways of life. 


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