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05/28/17 Seventh Sunday in Easter - Fr. Damian

In our Gospel today, we hear Jesus in his prayer to the Father. In fact, it is known as the priestly prayer of the Lord Jesus. Jesus knew that the end of his time on earth was approaching. Yet, in his prayer, our Lord focuses on humanity. He prayed for us. One important aspect of his prayer was the fact that he prayed for eternal life. This is especially important in light of the Easter season which we continue to celebrate. Jesus asks to be glorified by the Father. In turn, we receive the benefits from this. Our eternal salvation is one of these benefits.


Jesus had done his work on earth and he had done it well. Through the Lord Jesus, God was revealed in a very tangible way.

Because of the love of Jesus, we will see good things in the land of the living. We are to continue to pray to the Lord, just as the disciples did. If we can devote even a small part of our day to prayer, we will be able to realize much of the Lord's goodness that was promised to us. You would have thought that all would have been lost.


After all, it would not be too much longer after this time in the Gospel that Jesus would be arrested and subsequently executed.


But it was his death that led to our salvation. The Lord is not only our salvation, but he is our light.

The Lord is our refuge and because of that, we should not fear anything. In today's psalm response, we prayed to dwell in God's house. This is why Jesus suffered and died for us. It was his salvific death that opened the doors to the Kingdom of heaven. Our second reading encourages us to be steadfast in our faith. In fact, it echoes the words of Jesus from Matthew's Gospel.


We should realize and know that we are never alone. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us. If we can remain faithful to the Lord, especially in times of trouble, we will know in a very real way the Lord's love and care for us. After Jesus suffered and died, his work on earth was complete.

His Resurrection from the dead was a climax that punctuated the life of Jesus on earth. His Resurrection meant that we now have the opportunity for eternal life.


While he was on earth, Jesus had exhibited a passionate zeal for God's Kingdom. This is summed up in the priestly prayer that we heard today. When our lives are over, we might then better understand what the words of the psalm response mean. In other words, we hope to be in the Lord's dwelling place. Forever to gaze on the loveliness of the Lord and enjoy the comfort and joy of his temple!


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