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10/16/16 - Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. James

In the parable Jesus mentioned the judge as unjust. He utterly failed to develop love and mercy, care and concern for others. He lived for himself. Even when he decided to help the poor widow, it was not because that he cared about her but because he cared about his own comfort and peace of mind. She turned out to be a constant botheration for him. In order to get rid of her he did what he ought to have done.


Jesus is the one who gave the simplest and the best definition for Justice: Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God. (Mk 12:17). According to this definition, that judge was a total failure. That is why Jesus mentioned him as unjust. He failed both God and his brethren.


Consider the widow in the parable. In all cultures, especially in the olden days, widowhood was considered as a curse. They had no place, no voice and no value in the society. It is in such a situation that we find a widow standing up for her rights. Everybody should make use of their available opportunities and abilities. Having only one talent is not an excuse or a justification for burying it. We must make use of every talent and every opportunity that are available.


Basing on this parable we can look us that we are the judge and God is the widow. We, like the judge, are basically unjust. Sometimes we, too, have no fear of God; that is, we do not allow God to scare us into being good. Similarly, like the judge we persist in refusing to listen to the cries of the poor all around us.


But God is the persistent widow who will not go away. God keeps coming to us, refusing to accept our no to love. God will persist until we render a just judgment, that is, until we let the goodness out, until we learn to love. In Genesis we are told we are made in the image and likeness of God


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