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11/1/15 All Saints Day - Fr. Reggie

The word that keeps popping up today is joy. Today the Church invites us to lift our gaze to heaven, to call to mind our older brothers and sisters who not only persevered in their faith while they lived on earth, but actually lived their lives in such a way that they built up Christ's Kingdom in the world. They not only resisted the onslaughts of evil, but they conquered territory for good. Now they are enjoying their reward, and that should give us joy too.

Not because their achievement takes away the problems we still have to face here on earth - it doesn't. Today's joy doesn't come from a false gospel that you sometimes hear preached on TV these days: the gospel of "prosperity," which promises heaven on earth. That's not Christian joy. Jesus never promised heaven on earth - in fact, he promised that following him mean carrying crosses and facing persecution.

So where does today's joy come from?

First of all, it comes from sharing in the victory of the saints. They are our brothers and sisters, and so their victory belongs to us too. If your brother wins the Olympic gold medal, you would be filled with joy. The saints have won much more than that, and they are our siblings.

Second, today's joy also comes from being reminded that God has given us the three tools we need to follow in the saints' footsteps - to win the gold medal ourselves and make it to heaven.

First Tool: Knowing Our Destination 

Second Tool: Knowing Who We Are 

Third Tool: Knowing How to Reach the Destination 

In every Mass our prayers are joined with those of all the angels and saintsthanking God and asking for grace. 

But many times we are so preoccupied with the hardships of life here on earth in the Church Militant that we pay little attention to the Church Triumphant

Today, as Christ in the Eucharist once again lays a bridge between heaven and earth, let's lift our eyes to the Triumph, and let our hearts rejoice.


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