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11/6/16 Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Reggie

The Sadducees were the Jewish political leaders in Palestine.  They were less strict than the Pharisees, religiously speaking. They also collaborated with the Roman authorities who ruled Palestine, which made them a wealthy and influential class. Their frequent contact with pagan Roman society affected their faith - contaminating it, distorting their concept of God.

That was the reason they didn't believe in the Resurrection.  They were conceiving of heaven in earthly terms. They were applying human restrictions to God. But heaven is an entirely different level of existence than earth. And God is much wiser, more powerful, and more creative than even the greatest human genius.

Jesus reminds them of this.  He points out that God is transcendent - human limitations of time and space don't apply to him. Then he points out that when we get to heaven, we will share in that transcendence more fully than we do here in this fallen world.

We are very much like the Sadducees.

The world we live in is full of non-Christian influences that can contaminate our faith. This is why so many Catholics have in recent years become "cafeteria Catholics." They accept the Church teachings that fit into today's popular culture - like the importance of serving the poor, but they don't accept the teachings that go against it - especially the ones dealing with sexual morality.

When we pick and choose like that, we are making the same mistake the Sadducees made: we are not letting God be God.  We are cutting him down to our size.

And when we do that, we miss out on the greater things that God wants to give us, the only things that can fulfill the deepest yearnings of our hearts.


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