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12/27/15 Holy Family - Fr. James

The Family is the world’s smallest community. It is the basic platform of the human society from which larger communities, nations and the human race came forth. We are all products of families. We often say that: “charity begins at home (that is from the family)!” And so it is with other realities like hatred, strife, anger, immodest life and others. In essence we can say that the family as the early learning center is the root of all good and evil.


Today we are called upon to reflect on the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. This reflection is very important within this season of Christmas which is a family oriented celebration.


On this feast day of Holy Family we should reflect: “what “made them holy?” This family is called holy because it loved God above all and the members were ready to do the will of God at all times. Joseph accepted and carried out God’s plan. Mary fully accepted the will of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ accepted doing of his Father’s will as his mission on earth. It explains that the first step to holiness is the readiness to submit oneself to God’s divine will. The ability to let go one’s interests and plans and concentrate on God’s own plans and will.


The Holy Family stands besides parents anxious about their children, worrying for their welfare. They walk with immigrants and refugees separated from those they love. They comfort teen-age mothers and single parents.  And they offer compassion to parents grieving over the loss of their children.


Through any challenge, anxiety, difficulty or danger, they showed us how to be people of faith, people of forgiveness, people of love. The Holy Family teaches us how to be holy. They had happy times; they had difficult times. Through doubt and insecurity, in peace and joy, in good times and bad times they trusted in God


To achieve a holy family be conscious of these:

You must love or you lose.

You must have patience or you have pains.

You must understand yourselves or you cannot understand each other.

You must celebrate each other not just tolerate each other.

You must enjoy each other not just endure each other.

You must pray together in order to live (not just stay) together.

You must grow together or you grow apart.

You must maintain peace or you tore into pieces.

You must give or you will never receive.


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