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January 10, 2016 - The Baptism of the Lord - Fr. James

The baptism of Jesus is the third of three great revelations we celebrate in this Christmas season. The three great revelations we have been celebrating are: Christmas, Epiphany and Baptism of Jesus.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, “The fruit of baptism is the forgiveness of original sin and personal sins, becomes an adoptive child of the Father and member of Christ’s Body, the church.” Jesus has no sins of his own to confess, then why he was baptized?

By being baptized in the River Jordan, Jesus shows his total solidarity with us. In becoming a human person, Jesus identified with us not just in our humanity but in our weakness.

At the moment of the Baptism of Jesus, the Spirit of God in the visible form of a dove comes down on Jesus. A voice says, “You are my Son; my favor rests on you.” It is a clear endorsement from his Father for the work that Jesus is about to begin. So, through his baptism, Jesus is being officially commissioned to begin his public work of teaching, healing and liberating. In that sense his baptism was not for him but for us.

It is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own baptism. Our baptism also is the beginning of a lifelong journey. On that day we became disciples of Jesus. On that day, we too were empowered by the Holy Spirit for the journey ahead of us. Our baptism confirms us that we are dearly and deeply loved by God. He is our Father too. We are his sons and daughters. We are also sisters and brothers of Jesus.

The first action of Jesus after His baptism was: "He saw". The gospel says, "immediately on coming up out of the water He saw" the sky split and the Spirit descend on Him. Today's celebration of the baptism of Jesus is associated with seeing God, others, and ourselves in a new way. After receiving the graces of this last day in the Christmas season, we will see God not as a force or a thing or even as only a person; we will see Him as our own Father Who loves us.

This will transform the way we see ourselves. We will truly believe we are chosen, beloved, royal, priestly, and holy. Then we will see other people as God sees them. We will love our neighbors as ourselves.  

On this last day of the Christmas season, renew your baptismal promises, open your eyes, and receive the Spirit.

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