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Parish Pro Life Collection

We have just heard some of the most beautiful words in all of Sacred Scripture. God spoke them to the prophet Jeremiah more than two thousand years ago, but that same God – our Lord – made sure that they weren’t forgotten when Jeremiah died. He inspired the sacred writer to record them for all time. He wanted to make sure that we would hear those same words spoken to us, twenty-five centuries later. That’s what the Bible is, remember: God’s inspired and living word, meant to enlighten, encourage, and strengthen each one of us in every situation of our lives. And if we let these incredible words really penetrate our hearts today, that’s exactly what will happen.

Which words am I referring to? These: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you.” Let me read them again, pausing after the word “you,” so that each of us can insert there our first name, because that’s how God wants us to hear these words: “Before I formed you [pause] in the womb I knew you [pause], before you [pause] were born I dedicated you [pause].” None of us is here just by chance, as the Darwinists want us to believe. None of us is an unwanted mistake, as the pro-abortionists would like us to believe. None of us is a just a toy or experimental product manufactured by scientists, as the cloning-advocates and artificial reproduction companies seem to think. Each one of us is a beloved, desired child of the living, eternal, all-wise, all-powerful God of the universe.

We have received our existence directly from him; if from all eternity he had not yearned for our friendship and envisioned a lasting purpose for each of us, we would not be here.

That is the dignity of human life – every human life, mine and yours included.

No matter what the news reporters and spin doctors say, this is what’s really at stake in the abortion debate. No one denies that unwanted pregnancies can cause pain, anguish, and hardship, which is why the Church does so much for unwed mothers, and which is why each of us should show true compassion and Christian charity to parents faced with that situation, and also to those who may have made the wrong choice and had an abortion. But the challenges of unwanted pregnancies don’t change the reality that every human life is precious and purposeful in God’s eyes. We may make mistakes, but God doesn’t. 


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